What are we? Where did we come from? Why are we here?  

These are existential questions that plague us and leave us wondering if there is a greater purpose to our existence, besides the mundane routine that we repeat day in and day out. As spirit beings living a human existence, is it possible to achieve a kind of transformation in order to experience a different side to reality? 

This 4-week course provides an overview to the origin of our spirit as explained in the Gnostic Myth of Pistis Sophia. It delves into our purpose within creation and the development of the consciousness, ultimately leading to overcoming the ties that keep the consciousness bound to the cycle of death and rebirth (Samsara). 

The following topics will be covered: 

  • The Gnostic Myth of Pistis Sophia;  
  • The origin of our spirit and its descent into creation; 
  • Different dimensions of creation and its unfoldment;  
  • The wheel of Samsara and how to break the cycle;  
  • Explaining what the consciousness is;  
  • Intrinsic nature vs our true nature. 

Classes are followed by a guided meditation that aims to bring the practitioner inwards in order to reach their own interior divinity. 

This is an introductory class and the beginning of a series centred around the theme ‘The Journey of the Spirit’.  

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Time and dates:

4-week course beginning on Thursday 23 February, 2023

Week 1: Thursday, February 23 (7 - 8.30pm)

Week 2: Thursday, March 2 (7 - 8.30pm)

Week 3: Thursday, March 9 (7 - 8.30pm)

Week 4: Thursday, March 16 (7 - 8.30pm)



Friends Meeting House

Cnr Bent and Condamine Streets, Turner ACT

Woolman Room


Sessions are offered free of charge**, but registration

is required. Please fill in the registration form below with details. 

**Donations are greatly appreciated to help cover costs.


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