Why are we here? Where are we going? Where do we come from?

Discovering one’s inner divine nature is a transformative journey that delves into the exploration of one’s innate spiritual essence. This course invites participants to connect with their inner selves on a profound level, uncovering the divinity that exists within each one of us.

The Gnostic teachings seek to guide us towards the mysteries of our inner landscape, and align us with our inner divine nature. This is done through direct experience and understanding during practices of meditation, contemplation and introspection.

In Gnostic philosophy, the journey towards discovering one's inner divine nature is not only a personal quest for enlightenment, but also an endeavour to free the soul from the Wheel of Samsara and reunite it with its divine source. This pursuit leads us to the awakening of consciousness and the intimate self-realisation of our inner Being.

Topics include:

  • Who are we?
  • Elements that constitute the Human Being
  • Our divine identity
  • Spiritual development
  • The Wheel of Samsara and the cycle of pain and suffering
  • Our purpose within creation
  • Moving from essence to soul


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Time and dates:

4-week course beginning on Thursday August 31, 2023

Week 1: Thursday, August 31 (7 - 8.30pm)

Week 2: Thursday, September 7 (7 - 8.30pm)

Week 3: Thursday, September 14 (7 - 8.30pm)

Week 4: Thursday, September 21 (7 - 8.30pm)



Friends Meeting House

Cnr Bent and Condamine Streets, Turner ACT

Woolman Room


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