The journey of spiritual development is a deeply personal and transformative endeavour. It guides us towards the mysteries of our inner landscape and leads us on a search for a deeper understanding of the universe and our place within it.

This course is centred around self-discovery, inner illumination and providing an understanding to the existential reasoning of being. The journey of spiritual development involves first understanding spiritual principles and truths in order to encounter an interior path that takes us from the known to the unknown, as well as uncover a system that leads an individual to discover the spirit and wisdom that lies within.  

Ultimately, the journey of spiritual development is an ongoing, lifelong pursuit that leads individuals to greater compassion, wisdom, and a sense of inner peace. While the path may vary from person to person, the common thread is a deepening connection with the spiritual dimension of existence and a profound sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Topics include:

  • What is a spiritual school?
  • What is a spiritual path centred around?
  • What is being developed?
  • Is there only one spiritual path?
  • Requirements of a spiritual path
  • Development of the consciousness


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Time and dates:

3-week course beginning on Thursday 23 November, 2023

Week 1: Thursday 23 November (7 - 8.30pm)

Week 2: Thursday 30 November (7 - 8.30pm)

Week 3: Thursday 7 December (7 - 8.30pm)



Friends Meeting House

Cnr Bent and Condamine Streets, Turner ACT

Woolman Room


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