The word Gnosis is derived from the Greek language and means “knowledge of an intuitive comprehension of spiritual truths”. Gnosis is a knowledge that cannot be arrived at through books or lectures, but rather through one’s own direct experience of reality. Gnosis is often referred to as knowledge of the heart, in contrast to knowledge that is obtained through the use of the intellect. Gnosis is not just theoretical, but one hundred percent practical. Through direct experience we surpass the boundaries of belief and disbelief, since both lead to ignorance. Through Gnosis one personally learns to experience reality directly, rather than believing or disbelieving, accepting or rejecting, and comes to know the inner truth.

The aim of Gnosis has always sought to provide humanity with knowledge, keys and techniques for the full development of human and spiritual potential. The signpost of Gnosis has always pointed within, the goal of Gnosis is to direct the human being to the divine spark that lies within everyone and from there to begin the ‘work’ of inner transformation, so to once again unite with the inner particular individual spark.

Once one unites with the divine spark within, the Gnostic teachings affirm that all pain and suffering ends. One has truly acquired peace, liberation and enlightenment.

The knowledge of ‘returning to the stars’ is only really one, and coincidently it is the same for everyone. The factor however, that produces the perception that there are many different systems of knowledge, is that this one knowledge has over the centuries expressed itself through many different cultures, civilizations and personages all using their particular terminology and symbolism. However, behind each expression of the one knowledge there has always been the same goal and the same work required to reach it. This knowledge in the past has been called Jina (Latin), Jnana (Sanskrit), Djin (Arabic), Daath (Hebrew), Dharma and today Gnosis (Greek).

Gnosis as it is presented today is the synthetic knowledge of each expression of the one knowledge. Gnosis is the core knowledge or the ‘bare bones’ of the knowledge required to reach once again the divine spark that dwells within. Gnosis has been said to be the golden thread of divinity upon which all the pearls of the world’s religions are hung.

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